Projack 3500


The Pro Jack 3500 is an economical sliding jack that makes any four post lift complete. This versatile jack requires no air or electricity. It operates by the manual hydraulic pump, and is adjustable to fit most four post lifts.


To see if the Pro Jack 3500 fits your four post lift, please check specifications or call for your warehouser for details.






ProCycle Motorcycle Lift


The Pro Cycle has quickly become one of America’s #1 motorcycle lifts. All Pro Cycle lifts have a 93” table, a 20” approach ramp, and are air operated. Direct Lift provides the best in motorcycle lifts for the hobbyist as well as the professional motorcycle shop. The Pro Cycle bike lift has a weight capacity of 1000 lbs, and is suitable for a wide range of different style bikes.




ProCycle DT Motorcycle Lift


The Pro Cycle DT and Pro Cycle XLT DT are the same as their standard bike lift counterparts (the Pro Cycle and Pro Cycle XLT, respectively), except the “DT” aka “Drop Tail” has been added for easier wheel service. Blackjack 1000 - jack shown is not included.




ProCycle XLT Kit


The Pro Cycle XLT kit will fit the Pro Cycle and Pro Cycle DT. This kit expands the overall width of the Pro Cycle and Pro Cycle DT for use with ATV's and wider bikes.






Black Jack 1000


The Black Jack 1000 scissor lift jack is a great addition to any Pro Cycle or Pro Cycle DT motorcycle lift. The Black Jack 1000 allows the front or rear of bikes, ATVs, etc., to be raised for easier wheel service. All adapters are included with the price.



The Pro 6MR is a portable mid rise hydraulic lift with a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. The Pro 6MR is an excellent choice for any body shop. It is also popular with customers that do not have the ceiling clearance for a two post car or truck lift, or prefer something portable. The Pro 6MR comes with a free set of truck adapters.


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