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Featured Products


Rotary Heavy-Duty Lifts (over 14,000 lbs):

The direction of heavy-duty vehicle maintenance is changing. Now, the productivity of your fleet depends on your ability to do routine maintenance and repairs fast and efficiently – from under the vehicle. That’s why investing in an automotive lift boosts your bottom line. It improves technician access to dramatically speed up maintenance and repairs.


Rotary Lift sells more lifts than anyone else in the world. They’re built for years of dependable service, and they deliver on it consistently. All supported by a computerized parts system and by a network of trained installation and service specialists.




Heavy Duty Two-Post Lifts:

All of Rotary’s award winning light duty features can be found on our heavy duty two-post lifts. With available capacities up to 18,000 pounds and options like extended heights and dual controls, you can rest assured we have a lift for your job.


Heavy Duty 4 Post Lifts:

Rotary’s heavy duty four-post lifts accommodate a wide range of vehicles with lifting capacities up to 60,000 lbs.


MACH 4 Mobile Column Hydraulic Lift:

The MACH 4 Mobile Column Hydraulic (MCH) lift consists of four or six columns with adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes, and is the faster and easier choice for your maintenance facility. Faster because the set-up time an dlifting speed beats teh competitor hands down! Easier because there are fewer cords to wind up and fewer steps required by the technician to put the lift in service.


MACH4 Flex


18,800 lbs.

Powered by RedFire™

New higher column capacity = 18,800 lbs

Easy to use intuitive remote control operation

Control all columns from anywhere in the bay

Includes LockLight™ on each column

Vehicle Height and Weight Digital Display Gauges

ALI Gold Certified (MCHF419U100)



MOD35 or Modular Inground:

The MOD35 inground lift is totally contained in a 6’ enclosure protected with Rotary’s exclusive Enviroguard™ coating. This environmentally friendly lift is the most versatile and inventive lift ever to hit the truck service industry.



The parallelogram lift system is convenient for facilities and technicians. No column obstructions and a clear floor design allows for a productive work area. Numerous capacities and options make this lift an industry leader.

EFX60 - Environmentally Friendly Inground Scissor Lift:

The EFX60  is the newest generation of Environmentally Friendly Heavy Duty inground scissor technology. The EFX60 is ALI-ETL certified and manufactured in the U.S.A. Rotary Lift uses proven technology to bring you the most robust and reliable lifts in the industry. Rotary Lift sets the standard for environmentally Friendly designs, and the EFX is no different.

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